Product Name


         C.I.No.        CAS No.
    Direct Yellow 3GX       Direct Yellow 6           40001      1325-38-8
 Direct Crisofisnine G      Direct Yellow 12           24895      2870-32-8
Direct Fast Yellow RL    Direct Yellow 86           29325      50925-42-3
Direct Yellow RCH

 Direct Yellow 99

directdyesA Direct dyes are applied for the dying objective for rayon, cellulose cotton & linen. Its name recognizes the functionality of dyes. It can be precisely used for the fabric without fixing. We are top recognized manufacturer as well as exporter of direct dyes. We fulfill an excellent quality of direct dyes that are opposing to fading in bright. Our companies manufacture 200 MT Dyes per month. Our range of direct dyes in applicable with industry dominant price and also applicable with radiant shade options. Basically, main benefit of direct dyes may be additional light fast that is, opposing to fading in brightness.

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